About us and our inspiration


Michelle Belau was founded in Peru in 1998 with the objective to fascinate customers and fashion enthusiasts alike through its versatile and unique designs, styles and trends. We pride our collections, designed by Lucia Cavero Belaunde, on being the perfect solution to ladies on the go who want to look effortlessly great despite their hectic schedules.

Our philosophy is to inspire customers with our collections and allow them to project their natural beauty through the wide selection of designs and exclusive, eye-catching styles. We believe each and every woman should feel beautiful and confident with every step she takes, which is why we purposely design our clothes to accentuate their natural beauty, allowing them to look and feel their best.

Michelle Belau was brought to the Middle East in 2013 by Peruvian business women Veronica Smulders. The first store, which we call Atelier, was opened at the lifestyle mall City Walk. An online store was also opened to allow our customers to shop from the convenience of their homes.

Michelle Belau fashion boutique

Our inspiration


It is important for each and every woman to feel both sexy and comfortable in the clothing they choose. We believe the clothes women wear should make them look and feel amazing, which is why Michelle Belau strives to provide clothing to flatter your figure and accentuate your natural beauty. We provide a complimentary personal shopping service, including in-house tailoring to ensure each outfit encourages our customers to look and feel irresistibly sexy.


The Michelle Belau collection is modern, uniquely sophisticated and offers timeless style. Our clothing is trendy and contemporary yet reflects a classic elegance, ensuring it will always be timeless.

We provide versatile designs for women who want to remain sexy, feminine and stylish all the same time, whether it be day-time, office or evening wear – we ensure it is easy for women to look fabulous for all occasions.


What is more wonderful and romantic than dreaming? To make your dreams a reality, of course.

We are always dreaming of something beautiful or something that we long for, whether it be in our hearts, in our homes, or of course... in our wardrobes. For this reason, Michelle Belau strives to bring your dreams to life in designing a collection of styles to make women feel sexy, feminine and stylish.

Our atelier

Inside our atelier you will find our latest collection, which was creatively designed with the aim to push the boundaries of fashion and provide stylish and unique clothing to women. Our fashion consultants offer an impeccable personalised service and are always on hand to make you look and feel fabulous in every piece of clothing you choose. We endeavour to provide styles that cater to every taste and through our professional service, including tailoring and personal shopper assistance, we are able to offer an efficient and enjoyable fashion experience. For the little ones, there is a colouring table, and we also have a selection of magazines to read on our sofa while enjoying refreshments.