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Colonial Urban Chic

Today's post takes us to Cusco, also called “ombligo del mundo” which means bellybutton of the world. At some point in history, it was considered not only the capital of Peru, but of all South America, during the Inca Empire. Of course later the Spanish came and it was transformed, but the magic and energy it possesses stays present. In fact, many of the Spanish buildings managed to capture that energy and greatness, and have been preserved. I never get bored of visiting this city, and the main square (plaza) of the city must be one of my favourite plazas in the whole world.

Read how blogger Diana Ibarra Raketo wears her colonial urban chic outfit: street style with a touch of glamour. Now on the Michelle Belau fashion blog Sequin top with faux-fur vest, fashion shoot in Cusco Fashion shoot in Cusco Fashion shoot in Cusco - closeup Sequin top with faux-fur vest and sparkly shoes

It exudes chic. Had to keep up with the breath-taking surroundings, so I brought up my chic A-game. Sequins are perfect to bring up some glamour. The top wasn’t enough, so I threw in very sparkly shoes too. Adding the faux-fur gives an elegant air to the look. Still, it is necessary to dress the look down a little to keep it casual while exploring the city; denim is the solution for that. Denim will always give a look a more urban vibe. The back of the vest is denim, and the jeggings accomplish a very comfy option, besides looking great of course. This is my proposal of urban chic.

Street style in Cusco Shiny textured wedge espadrilles in Cusco

This colour palette looks great against the majestic stones of the colonial buildings. In this city, all the first floors are built of stone, while the second one is lighter, made with quincha (a type of cane), which is an earthquake-proof system. The belly-button of the world is situated in the ring of fire, so the city has to be prepared. We Peruvians are always alert and ready for trouble, but that doesn’t mean we stop enjoying each day and, if I might add, in style. Colonial-urban-chic style!

Central square fashion shoot, plaza Cusco

Hope everyone has a lovely day!
Diana Ibarra Rake, Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger

More information about Cusco can be found on Wikipedia

This is a guest post by Diana Ibarra Rake, blogger behind one of Peru's most influential fashion blogs, Dolce Placard. Read how Diana styles pieces from our fall winter collection, and learn something about Peru where Michelle Belau is created. Read also her first post about pastels.


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