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22 June 2014 by Daniela Nuñez Dodero

The new basics

There are a few basic must-have items that you absolutely need to be equipped with no matter what your style is; they are the fashion staples, for example, the Little Black Dress. Our needs have evolved with the changing trends; therefore, we have a new short-list of essential pieces we must have for simple, but trendy outfits:

  1. Silk or gauze flowing blouse: I always say that having a blouse is better than a t-shirt. Why? Simple. A blouse is more multifunctional as you can use it in an urban or casual style with jeans, shorts and flats, for a meeting, party or even a cocktail. However it also depends on the material used (Silk, Cotton etc.). A flowing blouse is the one that does not have shape, is basically long and square. It’s better because if you want to give it a shape, you can always put a belt on your waist and tuck the blouse inside your pants/skirt. You will always look different and trendy no matter how you wear it.

  2. A-line Skirt: Practical, feminine and works for all kinds of body shapes. Really fashionable and easy to combine with almost anything.

  3. Denim Jacket: The new over-all for you, Denim Jacket is a true style staple. It is an effortless way to upgrade almost anything in your closet. Pair it with a dress, blouse or t-shirt and it will instantly give your outfit a more urban and trendy look.

  4. Black booty high heels: It does not matter if it is summer or winter, a good pair of booties can always compliment an outfit and give it more tough and powerful look. For those who have thin legs, this is the best you can get! The visual cut it makes on your ankles is going to give volume to your legs immediately!

  5. Neutral Clutch: We all need a piece of accessory that can go about with almost anything, but in a small size which can actually work for events, meetings, parties etc. to give your outfit a complete look.

Here’s an outfit with these 5 new basics put together.

Hope you like it!