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26 May 2014 by Daniela Nuñez Dodero

Tales of the Desert

Today’s post has an Arab flair :)

I went to the traditional “Heritage Village”, located by the Dubai Creek, and saw a display of live images of the old traditional life in the UAE. I learnt about the old customs and the special characteristics of the original houses, handicrafts, patterns and way of living.

The atmosphere was mystical and super special. It felt pretty much as if I were in a tale, in one of the desert.

Trend report: Summer Coats

Although here in Dubai it is impossible to actually wear a coat outside (40 degrees or more), we know we spend most of the summer in-doors where the strong AC makes us feel cold. To look trendy and stylish, the trench coat could be your new best ally.

Perhaps this time the designers were more aware of global warming, putting together trenches and waterproof coverups, making them urban and sporty, pushing the sleeves up to the elbow.

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