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11 February 2014 by Daniela Nuñez Dodero

Something about Love - style your outfit for Valentine's Day

Last year I decided to not be the Valentine’s Grinch and just go with it, but in my own way. This day for me is all about wearing red, like for New Year in South America I wear white or yellow (everything spins around fashion in my world). This day is a good excuse to get together and celebrate something called love.

Fifteen year old Daniela would have been disgusted by this display of girlish nonsense or even just by talking about this “lovely day”. Yes, I’m a rebel without a cause! But hey, at least I'm being honest.

Don’t worry about your relationship status: whether single, married or “I don’t know what this is yet”? Who cares! No one is wearing a hat saying that, but trust me, what you are wearing this day needs to represent the strong women we all are! So it is time to pull over this furious and cozy color.

My option was really simple; something comfortable for day and night, a 60’s Twiggy’s-like dress.

Keeping the vintage style, I accessorized it with a big statement pearl necklace (trend alert!) and gold structured high heels.

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