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13 June 2014 by Daniela Nuñez Dodero

Sequin fever

Sequins have always been tricky to wear, the majority of times because we think it is too much; too shiny, too glamorous, too heavy or only for evening gowns. If you have been following my posts you will know what I will say: that is not true! Well, at least part-untrue, it depends on how you combine it.

When wearing shiny sequins, we should combine them with plain garments, neutral or soft. However, if you wear a neutral sequin piece, then you should complement it with a strong colour or even dare to play with textures or prints. Why? Simple. The neutral colour sequins never have a lot of shine, so it is never too much to mix it.

Remember that sequins are a texture, and we already know that texture + texture = works!

I hope you are learning with every post I publish :) if you have any doubts don't be shy and comment. I'm always happy to help, or you always have the option to book a personal shopper appointment at the Michelle Belau Atelier!

Ready for party!

I keep it simple by using black as the complement of my blue electric sequins dress.
A crocodile leather clutch was a perfect combination for adding another texture in my outfit.

Make up: smokey eyes and plane lips to balance.

Hope you like it!