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From fierce red to faded pink

At Michelle Belau, we are strong followers of colour psychology. Each coulor represents it own meaning and energy but of course it could vary depending on circumstances and cultural differences. It is simply a form of non-verbal communication.

Scarlet Red Scarlet Red

Red for example could represent bold, fierce, determined or passionate. Pink on the contrary is feminine, nurturing, affectionate or sensitive. For this post we are working with both the colors to create a soft contrast.

Scarlet Red

We picked a scarlet red princess dress perfect for a cocktail event or an evening out or most definitely great for that anniversary to put forward a very bold and confident look. And with the weather in Dubai getting cooler, we added a must have soft pink blazer to represent a chic yet sophisticated look. Wear the dress with or without the blazer, you will still rock the look!

Scarlet Red

Lastly, we just could not have enough of red; hence, we paired the look with our favorite leather d’orsay red shoes to finish the look. You could also tone it down by combining your look with nude pair of stilettos and it will work just fine!

Scarlet Red Scarlet Red


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