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7 April 2015 by Shumaila Khalid

Going retro

No matter how transitory and unpredictable the world of fashion is, there are still trends we keep going back to and pieces that are timeless. Those are keepers in our wardrobe because they are classics.

Retro Retro Retro

Yes, we are talking about the retro style. Not to forget, this trend is down the runways, bringing us a glimpse of old world charm.


Polka dots – we just cannot have enough of them, much like Taylor Swift! We have combined a silk polka dots blouse with neutral colored, high waist, straight cut trousers to achieve a casual yet very polished look. You can wear high waist pants with just about anything and look good. These trousers make you look taller and accentuate your waist, especially when worn with heels.

Retro Retro Retro

The important rule to the retro trend is to keep it dated. No matter how glamorous this trend is, remember not to go all the way. Add in a few statement or modern pieces to keep it fresh and updated. This time we complemented it with a suit jacket to keep it neutral.

Retro Retro

The key is to make tweaks to this trend and find the right and modern way!

Retro Retro


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