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2 August 2014 by Daniela Nuñez Dodero

The perfect combination

At times we wonder whether the combinations that we make with our outfits are the right ones. But not everyone has the time to spare thinking about it.

In the morning, we are simply tired – if not zombies or in a rush getting ready ourselves and perhaps also a little one too. We have millions of things ahead to accomplish and so in this case we are often not much concerned or make an effort to dress in style.

Therefore, to try out new things, we must make a small effort and pick our outfits the night before the busy morning hits us.

You can also get inspiration from the “look of the day” shared in Instagram or the ones shared in the blog. Here, one that I combined for an event. I chose 2 pieces of different and it rocked! If you look at them, they are independently very basic, but as a whole outfit, they compliment each other very well in a classy yet casual way.

You can feel super comfortable and sophisticated and at the same time own the outfit and stay loyal to your personal style.

With a little inspiration, I created a complete out of the box outfit and I just love it!

What do you guys think?

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