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by Diana Ibarra Rake

It’s all about pastels

We are excited to share our first guest post by Diana Ibarra Rake, blogger behind one of Peru's most influential fashion blogs, Dolce Placard. Read how Diana styles pieces from our fall winter collection, and learn something about Peru where Michelle Belau is created.

“I’m from Peru”
“Where is that exactly?”
“…. South America. Next to Brazil”.

Peru is a country with very a very colourful history and culture, although not many people out there know much about it. Some haven’t even heard of it (Uhm… have you heard about a Little something called Machu Picchu, one of the world’s seven wonders?). Peruvian food has made its way through the world, but now the Peruvian fashion industry is starting to make a name for itself. Various designers with interesting points of view, using our traditions and folklore and giving it a fresh and modern perspective, several resources of great quality that are the hot commodity right now, like alpaca and vicuña fibre.

As a Peruvian blogger, I’m very proud and determined to share all of what my country has to offer, accompanied by the most amazing archaeological and architectural sights that can be found out there. You can find these wonders going to the depths of the rainforest, find hidden ruins in-between high mountains or even by the coast, right in the city, next to your home. The particular spot where I am for this blog is the Huaca Pucllana, pre-Inca ruins right in the heart of the city, Lima. The colors of this look particularly stand out next to the neutrality and immensity of the huaca.

Pastels Pastels Pastels Pastels

Pastels are in trend and they are just perfect for our seasons. They look even better when combined with other pastel colours. Don’t be afraid to mix it up in the pastel palette, you cannot go wrong since they complement each other perfectly. Pale pink was one of the runways favourites on New York Fashion Week. I was gasping for more air, completely in love sitting there looking at the pastel fever on so many collections. My favourite mix? Pale pink and pale blue. Adding some more details in pastel like the heart earrings or the mint in the shoes just takes it to another level.

Pastels Pastels Pastels

Give it a go and you might be surprised. Take my word for it, pastel fever is here to stay for a while. That’s my queue to go, but I will make sure to give you more fashion tips and share more of what Peru has to offer.

Hope everyone has a lovely day!
Diana Ibarra Rake, Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger

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