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3 March 2014 by Daniela Nuñez Dodero

Nights out

Here in Dubai it’s hard to stand out. I never feel over-dressed, so I have to go for big or just go home.

I normally go out with a really trendy, little bit funky and chic kind of look. I am always trying something different to make it more fun.

When you have planned a night out, it is typical to immediately think in a complete black outfit. I love black, but it tends to look as if you are wearing always the same. Try dark colours; combine them as neutral (black, grey, brown, navy blue) with another colour that stands out in your outfit.

Whereas I tend to avoid bright colours at night, I introduce you here some options to change the game.

Green blouse

Black shoes, black skirt, OH wait a minute… yes, emerald blouse and purple clutch. COLOURS come to me! If you are not sure how to mix colours in your outfit, just make a colour block. 2 colours maximum per outfit, each in different garments. Always pick an accessory to make it right.

Metallic outfit

Wearing dark neutral or metallic colors with light neutrals (white, ivory, cream) is always a great option. Not too dark not too bright. It is not too daring but it’s giving you that extra to shine in the middle of the other black shadows in the party.