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There are days when nothing makes better sense than simplicity. And indeed it is true in fashion where sometimes less is more!

Minimalism is definitely one of the trends that never goes out of style. Because just as you would detox your body once in a while, so is the need of fashion. Start simple, clean yet functional! One way to pull off this trend would be sticking to basic and neutral colors: white, black, navy, grey or camel.

Quality over quantity is an essential factor to this trend. Hence, we paired a silk blouse with textured trousers for an elegant yet simple and sophisticated look. We picked it up a notch by adding a tailored blazer with clean stitch lines to complete the pure look.

Try to keep the accessories to the minimum or choose one single piece to break the plain like I complemented it with a baguette tote with a hint of bright red.

Minimalism Minimalism Minimalism Minimalism Minimalism Minimalism Minimalism


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