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22 November 2014 by Shumaila Khalid

Maternity Chic

Expecting a baby is a wonderful time and a time of adjustment: adjusting expectations, schedules, fitness training, jobs, eating habits among many others. Adjusting you wardrobe is one of those changes that hit around half way when you don’t fit in your loose old clothes and the stretchy maternity pants are yet too big to fit. Fear not!

It is just a matter of being creative. If you are a fashionista like us, you won’t want to lose your style during those months when you have the luxury to show a belly proudly.

Buy your maternity key pieces (pants with extra support), but also look for garments and cuts that will favour you and you will be able to wear after having your baby. Stay true to your style!

Here a few ideas we thought would help as inspiration for you during these beautiful months.

Ever expanding waist: Thankfully baggy trousers (boho style) are trendy these days. The best part is that the style is quite loose and relax so use the extra space to your advantage given the elastic waist. You can grow with it! If you are a lady who loves skirts, you can find many silk flowing maxis or low waist print skirts to wear. Wear it under the belly when you are far advanced with a flattery top.

Maternity chic Maternity chic

Note: look for elastic waist bottoms

Maternity chic

Maxi dresses especially those with empire cut are a great addition to the cool days at the beach. What will make the difference is the type of fabric; look for those that will flatter your shape; either those heavy fabrics (with weight) or movement (no half ways).

Maternity chic Maternity chic

If you are not a big fun of empire cut, try on Twiggy dresses. Whether a wedding or evening function you will look elegant, comfortable and still show your beautiful belly in a subtle manner given the movement of the fabric (In a number like this).

Maternity chic Maternity chic Maternity chic Maternity chic Maternity chic

Not to forget the other accessories to complete your outfit. It would be ideal to combine your outfit with nude or plain colour bags and shoes as you already have your outfit perked up. If this trend inspires you, go ahead and jump right into our wide range of scarves collection today and start falling in love!


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