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11 January 2014 by Daniela Nuñez Dodero

It's a bag issue

Trendy big bags for this season

“the bowling bag”

This type of bag is a boom nowadays; they are super practical for those shopping intense days, comfortable and with a long handle and spacious to carry everything inside.

Combine it with a casual outfit to make it more sophisticated. Try neutral colours to let you to mix it with other colour pieces.

“The nude bag”

Don’t forget that Nude is the new black. You can combine this sophisticated textured-snake leather with everything and for any occasion. Not only it is really chic, also its wide open style allows you to fit absolutely everything inside; from your laptop to a spare pair of flats for a busy day.

I used it for a breakfast with my friends, going really soft and lady-like. Pastel colours are very “in” these days.

“Colourful bag”

If you want to use a colourful bag you need to make sure it is going to be the focus of your look. Perfect for sober combinations and if you are anything like me, make it more daring while wearing colour blocks.

The snake-leather is timeless and it brings something extra to the outfit. You can also combine texture with something else, perhaps with prints like in my case.