Michelle Belau Citywalk

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21 May 2014 by Daniela Nuñez Dodero

The iconic piece

After a few weeks on holidays, I am back to reality and happy to bring you more ideas on the blog than usual! Have to say that it makes it easier when enjoying the view of the city from the other side, surrounded by water under the big and really hot sun. Seeing Dubai from the sea gives you a completely different angle to the city. In summer, you could try the tour ferry that goes around the landmarks.

This is the outfit I picked for this event; it could also work for a brunch, dinner party or a daylight date.

I have a big crush on my new high waist boho pants, and really wanted to wear it for a special occasion… Perfect time for this one! I mix texture with texture to make a contrast and increase the impact of the outfit; a little bit fancy yet casual given the light colour of the top and the laid back cut. I paired it with heels to make it a bit dressy for this occasion.

White is the key color on this season, you can wear it head to toe in an outfit or mix it with an iconic piece. The iconic piece is always a garment on your outfit that pops out by itself. Normally these pieces have prints or texture, have a uncommon shape and perhaps have more than one color on it (in this case, my trousers).

My recommendation: wear it with a plain color garment, but of course we don’t want to keep it safe, so make sure that these garments have texture. It could be lace, it could be sequins, tweed, etc. remember that texture + texture = works! Texture + prints= rocks!