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31 January 2014 by Daniela Nuñez Dodero

Flower Power

Print pants are those unique pieces that are timeless, but certainly floral print pants are a must in your closet for the season.

Not only do they make your outfit stand out, but they also provide the right volume if what you want is to enhance your hips/curves

But, what about the ones who want to move the focus away from the bottom curves? Well, don’t worry, here is a good example of how to balance your body and rock this type of pants.

1. Put a little bit more volume on the top, it could be with a statement necklace or a cool jacket, in both cases, make sure you use colours to give the right proportion to your body.

Make your look soft and delicate by wearing pastel colours. Remember they are very “In” right now (previous post here).

2. Nude is the new black, yes. Needless to say, nude shoes go with everything and with soft hues even better. Make your legs look longer and give sophistication to your daily looks.