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11 July 2014 by Daniela Nuñez Dodero

Effortless Outfit

Everyone goes through days when you just want to relax and not think much about what you are going to wear. So apart from a dress, you can always try something that I always tend to do on such dull days.

It’s quite simple! Pick a blouse, long and loose, one that does not have a particular shape, and gives you the relaxed and cool effect. Next, you can pick a pair of jeans (personally, I choose boyfriend jeans for an urban look). Now, combine these two basics with a pair of high heels. Finally, you can play with accessories to mix with this outfit, and hence, you are done and ready to go!

You can repeat this outfit as many time as you want, but the key point here is changing the type of denims (shape, colors and styles) and the blouse. You can also incorporate prints for a more versatile look. Remember that tucking the blouse in will give you taller and more stylish look.

Have fun with fashion. If you don’t enjoy what you are wearing, who will? Play around with it and do not be strict about it. Sometimes you just need to be a little goofy and shake it all out.

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