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13 December 2013 by Daniela Nuñez Dodero

A day by the shore, style your bikini with a cover up, hat and accessories

We know the weather is only getting better for the beach. It is time to prepare our beachwear outfits for all types of events along the shore.

Choose an outfit that is fashionable yet comfortable for a day of tanning. A basic maxi dress works perfectly for that. Remember what we said about the convenience of maxi dresses?

Maxi dress coverup on top of red halter bikini

The strong colours of the bikini stand out for day events because they highlight the tan. The focal point is the bikini itself, anyway! ☺

A day at the shore at Palm Jumeirah, enjoying the beach

I must confess, I totally love this hat. Not only does it work well with any fashion trend, but it also serves its purpose and protects you from the sun. Definitely a new favourite must-have < 3;

A beach hat is not only fashionable but also protects you from the sun.

But, if you are a social butterfly whot is going to a beach party during the day or night, choose a bolder bikini with darker and more sophisticated prints. In this case, a black print is perfect for the occasion. A strapless option is the most appropriate if you prefer more volume in the upper part and less focus on the hips.

Strapless black print bikini, for the bold social butterfly/> Enjoying a mocktail at the beach bar Combine your bikini with a practical cover up

Combine your bikini with a practical cover up, accessories and natural make-up! Michelle Belau swimsuits and bikinis are available in our swimwear store.